My life, with and without dogs

This isn't Ollie, but a dead ringer for him (without the underbite)

This isn’t Ollie, but a dead ringer for him (without the underbite)

I know that I should blog to increase sales.  I have heard it and heard it.  I know it, but I haven’t been able to do it.  Hmmmm what’s going on?  I don’t consider myself a bad writer.  In a way, I make my living writing in my “real” job, the job that pays the bills.  So I had to ask myself why it has been so hard for me to write a blog about my new invention.   It really didn’t take a great deal of time before the light bulb went on.  You see, I invented a dog leash, and I don’t even have a dog.   When I am out selling these things, people look up at me beaming when they ask me about the kinds of dogs I have.  They are happily waiting to hear all about my furry, little, four-legged friends and how much I love them.  They are a little perplexed when I tell them I don’t have any.  I’m not against them or anything.   It’s simply that I don’t have one right at the moment.

I had a couple of dachshunds that died just shortly before I decided to embark (pun intended) on this new venture.  Truth be told, I actually inherited the first one and was forced to get a second as a companion for the first.  I am smiling to myself as I think of the day I picked out the long-haired, brindled dachshund puppy with a terrible underbite.  When I flipped him over he looked just like a rat.  I named him Ollie.

With the addition of Ollie, I had two and, thank goodness, because the first one, Dave, was extremely neurotic.  He was especially afraid of storms, which resulted in feats of great destruction whenever there was a bad one while he was alone and I was out earning the dough to bring home his bacon.  Ollie did the trick.  A companion was enough, not to stop the overwhelming anxiety a storm would bring on, but to stop the devastating destruction.  With the addition of Ollie we all lived hap .  .  .  .  ok, well really, we got on the best we could —  Ollie forever living in the shadow of his older brother, the most neurotic, strong-willed beast that ever inhabited this planet.

Thusly described, you would think the day of Dave’s passing would be a day of great rejoicing.   For all the pain and angst that little beast caused me, my husband and I sobbed our hearts our as Dave lay dying in my arms.  My life with and without dogs, to be continued . . . .


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